How to stop snoring: Easy remedies

How to stop snoring: Easy remedies

What is snoring?

Snoring is a loud or harsh sound one makes while sleeping. When you sleep the air that you inhale flows past the relaxed tissues aka back muscles of your throat. When this relaxed tissues and the tongue touch each other the airflow is obstructed and this leads to snoring. This article will teach you how to stop snoring.

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Causes of snoring

There are numerous causes for snoring but below is the list of the most common causes

  • Sinus: People suffering from sinus have nasal obstruction which makes breathing difficult. People suffering from sinus breath from their mouth prevents the air from filtering and disturbence in the airway.
  • Swollen tonsils: Swollen tonsils causes obstruction in the airway, thus causing Obstructive sleep apnea(OSA). OSA is a condition where one stops breathing during their sleep. This if untreated causes severe problems. It is therefore suggested to contact your physician and consider a tonsil surgery.
  • Congested nasal: A lot of people suffer from slight nasal congestion during the night, though it is not severe and less noticeable it disturbs the air filtration that happens through your nose, thus leading to snoring.
  • Family history: In the study published by the journal Chestresearchers found out that children with at least one parent who snored, would also become frequent snorers, and children who suffered from allergies were more likely to be snorers.


  • Using a nasal spray If you suffer from a nasal blockage you may use a nasal spray before sleeping, it will help in the free passage of air through your nose
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  • Olive oil to reduce tissue inflation. One of the main reasons for snoring is tissue inflation of your throat. Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory elements which helps people suffering from snoring, therefore to reduce tissue inflation it is advisable to drink 1 teaspoon of olive oil daily before sleeping.
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  • Use turmeric with milk. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties. Mix 2 teaspoon of turmeric with milk (or soy milk if lactose intolerant) and drink it 30-45 minutes before sleeping. It will clear the nasal blockages and help you get a deep sleep.
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  • Change sleeping position. Do not lay on your back, as it will relax your tongue and it will touch the soft tissues of your throat, making you snore while you sleep. Sleep on the side or on your stomach to prevent snoring.
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  • Stay hydrated before sleeping. Lack of hydration makes the throat dry which in turn inflates the soft tissues, therefore it is important to stay hydrated before sleeping. Drink atleast 200 ml of water 20-30 minutes before you sleep
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  • Quit smoking: Smoking leads to the inflammation of the tissues that line the airway, which leads to mucus secretion aka post nasal drip. As the airway gets narrower, inhaling becomes difficult.
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  • Reduce intake of red meat. Red meat causes inflation of the body, people suffering from snoring should avoid red meat and replace their diet with fish as it contains healthy fats.
  • Loose weight. People suffering from obesity are at a higher risk of snoring at night. As the weight around the neck puts pressure on the airway and partially block it. It is important to lose weight to cure snoring at night.
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  • Do not consume alcohol before sleeping: Drinking alcohol before sleeping makes your snoring worse as alcohol relaxes the back muscles of your throat which interferes with your breathing during sleep thus making your more likely to snore while sleeping.
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  • Get a soft bed and pillow to sleep: Sleep in a comfortable and stress free enviornment. A soft pillow supports your neck and shoulders, opening the airway in your throat. As you get a better sleep you tend to snore less
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