12 Foods you will stop buying after knowing how they are made

12 Foods you will stop buying after knowing how they are made

Almost everyone loves junk food(including me) and we cannot resist ourselves when we see an image of a Yummy ice-cream or a beautiful looking pastry at a bakery. But have you ever wondered what are the ingredients that are used in making them. Below is a list of popular junk food with their secret ingrediants that would make you think twice before buying them.

1.Vanilla and Strawberry Ice cream:

Almost everyone loves ice-cream, except those who are lactose tolerant. Ice cream is made up of cream, milk, sugar, and some stabilizers to make the product last. The flavours vanilla and strawberry is one of your favourite ice-creams, but have you ever thought about the ingredients used in these ice creams? let me tell you. Vanilla and strawberry ice-creams contains an ingredient called CASTOREUM. Castoreum is secreted from a gland which is located near the anus of a beaver. Castor itself means Beaver. Castoreum is a chemical compound secreted by the beaver to mark its territory, just like dogs and various other animals do. Castoreum, when mixed with Beaver urine, smells exactly like vanilla. Castoreum is not only limited to ice-cream but also other vanilla and strawberry flavoured food and cosmetics. So the next time when you enjoy that yummy vanilla ice-cream, remember where it came from.

2. Beer:

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This is for the vegetarians or those following a vegan diet. Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, and it has been in the market for more than 7000 years. Over time there has been a change in the manufacturing of beer. Beer is made from barley which is dried, mashed and put in a fermenting vessel where manufactures add yeat for the fizz. But there are some companies that add a secret ingredient to their beer. The ingredient is called ISINGLASS. This is obtained from a dried fish bladder. The reason why it is added? to make the beer look clearer. The element of fish is only there for aesthetics.

3. Red Candies:

We all love some candies now and then but have you wondered what goes into making that shiny red candy. Now the basic ingredients in making red candies are sugar, corn syrup, red colouring etc. But there is there is very disturbing ingredient added to make the candy-bright and red, it is called CARMINE AKA RED FOOD DYE. And this dye is made from crushed COCHINEAL bugs.  The cochineal bugs are dried, crushed and soaked which gives us this bright red colour. This Ingredient on the label is called the natural red 4, Carmine and the cochineal extract. Just one pound of red dye requires 70000 bugs. This dye is not limited to red candies only but other food products and red lipsticks with red colour contain cochineal extract. In the year 2012 Starbucks used cochineal extract in its strawberry frappuccino, which led to complete outrage. Later Starbucks apologised for using the red 4 and said they have stopped using it. So the next time you kiss a girl with bright red lipstick or eat that bright red candies remember the bugs that sacrificed their lives to get that colour.

4. Potato chips:

We all love eating potato chips now and then, even though we know its unhealthy, for many of us it’s our guilty pleasure. But with all the ingredients added to make the potato chip edible, there is one ingredient we need to be aware of. SODIUM BI SULPHITE is a chemical compound used in most of the potato chips you eat today. Sodium bisulphite is used in anti-fungal shampoos, toilet cleaners and face cleansers. The reason it is used in potato chips is to prevent discolouring of the chips and to stop bacterial growth. The chips company say that until an alternative solution is not found they have no choice but to add sodium bisulphate to the chips, as not doing so will ruin their business.

5. Processed Bread:

Now we all know that anything processed is not good for our health, however, we still like to take our chances. Dishes made from processed bread like pies, cookies contain an ingredient that should be of concern for us. L CYSTEINE is known as a dough conditioner, it is used in the dough to make it softer so that the machine can manipulate it into cookies and other bakery items. Now how is this L Cysteine made? It is made from the process of hydrolysis with major ingredient being human hair. In countries like North America and China, L Cysteine is processed from synthetic materials or bird feather. It has already been banned in many European countries but not in China and North America, where it is produced in large quantities. So the next time you enjoy a burger from your favourite burger joint or an apple pie at the bakery, do remember it contains human hair in it.

6. Chewing gums:

Humans have been chewing gum for at least 5000 years. The earliest chewing gum was made from tree resins and the sap of trees, such as spruce or manikara chicle. With time the ingredients used in chewing gums have also changed. Most of the modern gums are made from a material called Polyisobutylene, the same material which is used in making inner tubes in tyres. The reason why it is used? Because synthetic rubber is much cheaper and easier to manufacture.

7. Chicken Nuggets:

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The tasty chicken nugget that you get from your favourite fast food joint like KFC, Mcdonalds etc. say that their nugget is made from lean chicken or the chicken breast, but in reality, the whole chicken is put into a large machine which minces the chicken and turns it into a pink slime. This minced chicken is further put in a machine containing ammonia which further kills the bacteria in the chicken. Now this minced chicken contains parts like the eyes, beak, anus, which you may not want on your plate. To make it worse artificial colour is added to get rid of the original pink colour. So the next time you enjoy the chicken nugget you will not be sure which part you are eating, the breast or the anus.

8. French Fries.

French fries are ordered along with our food as an add on. Most of us think of it as just a potato strip deep fried in oil. But it has an ingredient which may change your views the next time you order fries.DIMETHYLPOLYSILOXANE aka SILLY PUTTY OR SILICON OIL is a chemical compound widely used in cosmetic products. The reason why it is used? it stops oil from forming on french fries or any other deeply fried product. Along with silicon oil, other ingredients like AMMONIUM SULPHATE or TBHQ which is used in fertilizers and petroleum industry respectively are also used in french fries. Because of these chemicals, the french fries and other junk food look visibly appealing to you. When you eat your burger and fries the next time, remember all the chemicals your body has to digest along with the food.

9. Fruit Juice

Fruit juices, unless pressed in front of you or made by yourself, don’t drink them. Most of the fruit juices you buy from the store contain water, sugar and artificial flavour. Even if it says is 100% natural or not from concentrate. Juice after being squeezed from different fruits are kept in large vacuum sealed tanks for a year before it is packed, and by that time the juice has lost all its flavours which is why manufacturers add artificial flavouring to make it taste fruity again. Even the most expensive ones contain the same procedure. The next time when you think of buying fruit juice from your local store, you are actually buying sugar water.

10. Low Fat Yogurt

Everybody knows yoghurt is nutritious for your health. The right yogurt could be extremely wholesome, but most store-bought yogurts are useless and dangerous for your health especially those labelled low-fat. The thing is manufacturers load this yogurt with sugar to make up for the lack o taste usually provided by natural fats, that means the yogurt initially had healthy tasty fat but after its removal, the manufacturers have to replace it with something much worse. And despite common belief, most yogurts don’t contain probiotic bacteria. Since the process of pasteurization kills all these microorganisms. The best way to eat a healthy low-fat yogurt is to make one at home.

11. Soda fountain Machines

Everyone at one point must have bought a cola from a machine to go with your food. But did you know one glass of cola has 10tsp of sugar in it? The sugar quantity is so high that the cola companies have to add various chemicals to stabilize it or else the human body would just puke it out. And when you drink cola from a soda machine it is even worse. Since the restaurant workers rarely clean the soda machine there is a ton of mould inthe pipes, the ice has more bacteria than the water samples taken from the toilet. Small insects and bad smell are also very common from the cola you drink from these machines. It is best you stop drinking cola all together as it will only cause more harm and no good

12. Choclates

Now chocolates are made in factories and there should be strict hygiene rules in places like these to keep everything in order. But a governing body called FDA or food and drug standard agency which monitors these factories for public safety. You will be shocked to know that their guidelines allow one rat hair per 100 gms of chocolates. Choclate companies are legally allowed to serve you one rat hair per 100 gms of chocolate. So the next time when you enjoy your chocolate be aware you are also enjoying the rodent hair

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