6 ways you have been drinking water the wrong way all your life

6 ways you have been drinking water the wrong way all your life

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Water makes up the 2/3 of our body and is an essential part of our daily lives. It plays an important role in the health of our body. But if drunk the wrong way water can be harmful to your body. Here are 6 ways you are drinking water the wrong way.

Chugging water:

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After coming from the hot sun or from a tiring session, like the gym the first thing we want to do is chug down a bottle of water. But drinking water this way just damages our body. If you chug down water, it fills up your belly fast, making you pee. The water that you drank goes out of your body immediately when you urinate. Water helps the body to break down food and absorb their nutrients. When you chug water your body does not get the time to store the water, and thus your body does not get enough nutrients. Also, Saliva plays an important role in the digestion of food. When you chug, the water does not carry enough saliva, therefore, the food in your stomach is not digested properly. It is advisable to drink 2-3 sips of water from a glass.

Drinking water immediately before or after meals:

After a good meal, the first thing we want to do is drink a full glass of water. This is the most satisfying feeling for you, but doing so is the worst thing you can do to your body. When we eat our meals, our body temperature rises, which helps in better digestion. But drinking water before or after a meal immediately reduces the gastric juices, thus reducing the body’s ability to digest food. The food doesn’t get digested properly and rots within the system. And when the food rots within the system your body fails to absorb nutrients from it. Drinking water immediately after meals leads to indigestion, gastric problems and weight gain. Wait for at least 15 minutes before you sip water after your meals.

Drinking ice-cold water:

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Cold water shrinks the blood vessels in your body and disrupts the digestion process. Cold water can also cause you to hold on to unwanted fat since cold temperature solidifies the fat in the food you eat. This could be one of the reasons why you are not losing weight even when you are eating healthy. Drinking cold water can also give you a sore throat, joint pain and even a slower heart rate. The cold temperature in the water can stimulate the vagus nerve, an important part of the nervous system which helps keep the bodies heart rate normal. Since the cold water stimulates the vagus system, the body temperature drops, which is not a good thing. Drink water in room temperature or from an earthen pots.

Drinking excessive water:

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Drinking water is good, but drinking excessive water even when you are not thirsty is harmful to the body. Excessive water or Overhydration can lead to water intoxication. This occurs when the amount of salt and other electrolytes in your body become too diluted. Hyponatremia is a condition in which sodium (salt) levels become dangerously low. Excessive water moves inside the cells of your body and makes them swell. Just drink enough water that fills your daily need

Drinking water while standing:

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In our fast-paced life we try to multitask a lot of things, and one of these are drinking water while walking our running. When we drink water in a standing position our kidneys are not able to filter the water properly. Moreover, our nervous system is not relaxed and this may disrupt the balance of fluids in the body leading to accumulation of fluids in the joints, thus leading to arthritis and joint pains. It is advisable to drink water in a sitting position whenever possible.

Drinking water from a plastic bottle:

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Apart from harmful chemicals in plastic, water when get stored in plastic bottles also produces harmful substances like fluoride, arsenic and aluminium which can be poison for the human body. So, drinking water from plastic bottles would mean drinking slow poison that will slowly and steadily deteriorate your health. Always use a glass or a copper bottle to drink water, as copper with water has health benefits to the body

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